Lina Koutrakos
Telling Nicholas theme song vocalist
Lina Koutrakos (rock/blues singer/songwriter and definite Diva) is an unapologetic size 18. Every inch of her body joins her heart, soul and talent to propel her into an amazing voice that seems to speak to us from a female perspective other pop singers haven't yet fully encompassed.

Performing live, Koutrakos is an explosive, high energy, sexy and compelling powerhouse with a soft, smoky and sensual voice capable of a full out gospel blues wail. Koutrakos is not your average "chick" singer. She is the antithesis of the profile of today's female pop singer: she is not a 20-something waif who whines her way through a song. The strength of Linas voice,commitment to her lyric and the music itself have made her a gimmickless bolt of passion. Compared more often to the legendary divas, Koutrakos is more a 90's version of the craftsmanship and personas the likes of Tina Turner, Ann Wilson and Janis Joplin.

Awards include "Best Female Vocalist" by the Manhattan Association of Clubs and Cabarets, "Best Newcomer" in the rock category by The Village Voice, as well as France's "Petit Piaf" award for best foreign performer in Paris. One of only 16 artists chosen out of 250 applicants, Lina recently participated in ASCAP's Advanced Songwriter Workshop and Showcase. Her debut album (Leave a Little Something) has sold thousands of copies on her independent label WKF Music, and her original songs have been heard on national TV and New York nightclubs such as Fez, The Bottom Line, Mercury Lounge, Downtime and the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, New York.

"Lina has balls. She's what a female singer should be", says actress Kathleen Turner- and her legions of fans agree. With her music rooted in her nomadic upbringing as a Navy brat and her Greek heritage, Lina presents us with an adult artist who has a little bit of all people in her eyes as well as in her voice. As a songwriter and a Diva, Lina bridges a gap we didn't know existed until we experience her live.

Koutrakos sings with amazing spirit, incredible energy, and possibly most exciting, a God-given talent.