Dr. Gilda Carle
DR. GILDA CARLE is a media personality with a worldwide following of millions. She is author of "Don't Bet on the Prince!" (a test question on the world's #1 game show, JEOPARDY!) and "He's Not All That!"

DR GILDA is featured in the HBO reality movie by James Ronald Whitney, TELLING NICHOLAS where she works with the family of a 7-year-old boy whose mother died in the World Trade Center attack. She is also featured in Whitney's reality movie, THEWORKINGGIRL.com, where she confronts a wanna-be porn mom about the way she is raising her son. The New York Times calls her "the busiest television therapist in the business." Gannett names her "TV's #1 talk-show therapist, hotter than the Sahara, part philosopher and part stand-up comic." She has appeared on Larry King Live, The O'Reilly Factor, Howard Stern, Paula Zahn, The View, Today Show in New York, Judith Regan, Geraldo, Sally, Maury, Ricki, Montel, Jenny, Inside Edition, Extra, Dateline, Court TV, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, national and local news shows, and thousands of radio programs throughout the world.

As a youngster, Gilda danced on television. As a young adult, she taught in the ghettos of the South Bronx. Later, she headed her own firm as management consultant and motivational speaker for Fortune 500 companies, and published articles in technical journals and corporate magazines, even delivering some of them abroad. As an educator, DR. GILDA CARLE holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from New York University.

In addition to her continued appearances on TV, radio, and in print, she hosted the "Love Doc" show on MTV Online and wrote a monthly column for Teen Magazine. Now she writes the monthly Love Q&A for Twist Magazine, and she does the monthly "Shrink Rap" column for Soap Opera Digest, analyzing the behaviors of soap characters. She was on the advisory board for the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), and she was the Valentine's Day Spokesperson for Hallmark Cards. Successful Meetings Magazine named her "Best Speaker in America." She taped a pilot with 20th Century Fox for her own syndicated network TV show, she does a weekly segment on News 12 throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and she is professor of psychology and communications at New York's Mercy College. She is currently in the midst of writing her next book.